ADI Business Success exists to make up the shortfall in the DVSA,s qualifying syllabus.

Where in the DVSA syllabus does it offer advice and structure on how to actually run a business ?

The driving school industry attracts people from all walks of life, many who have never been self employed or had any experience of marketing a business.

Many ADI's see themselves as driving instructors rather than business persons but the reality is that if you are self employed, you are in business and all businesses require a constant supply of new customers to survive.

The lack of marketing knowledge is why so much of the industry competes on price rather than value, hence the very low lesson prices in recent years.

COVID has created a huge demand for lessons as the industry attempts to resume normal working conditions and many ADI,s have been able to raise prices and enjoy a plentiful supply of new customer enquiries.

However, are you prepared for when the enquiries start to drop off and do you have a plan to maintain your lesson prices when enquiries become less plentiful?

Failure to plan could result in you competing once again with the lesson price slashers who know no other way of generating enquiries.

Below you find details on the most comprehensive marketing course within the driving school industry. Produced by Kelvin White, an ADI, multiple car driving school owner and with over 15 years of marketing experience working with ADI's and driving school owners since 2012.